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!! A.d.s !!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

!! Drop By !!

just the exam is around the corner..... so I had a tough time to on9 and post story in my blog... actually there are a lot of story that I wanna share with... but.. the time is not enough for me to post all the stories.. may be after the final exam I will proceed with the new story... and all the postpone stories during the exam session..
my final exam in final year is really different with the final year in diploma... may be because of the subjects itself.... whatsoever, I don't care.. I just want to perform best in my final.. wish me luck..... =)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

!! As A Reminder !!

I just drop by to set as a reminder for myself.... actually.. KBM still owe me 4 certificates that I participate in activities that had been organized here...
  1. certificate of Orienteering at Pekan, Pahang
  2. certificate of JCorp seminar
  3. certificate from seminar organized by Finance students
  4. certificate of finishing school
actually, I look forward for this certificates because it help me a lot in finding jobs later.. after the internship. other than that, this is my certificates collection for degree session......that is why it is very important to me to market my self and being one of my competitive advantage as a UiTM, City Campus Malacca.....
!! Thank you !!

!! For The Rest of My Life !!

For The Rest of My Life - Maher Zain

I praise Allah for sending me you my love

You found your home and sail with me

And I’m here with you

Now let me let you know

You’ve opened my heart

I was always thinkin’ that love was wrong

But everything was changed when you came along oh

And there is a couple of words I wanna say

For the rest of my life

I`ll be with you

I`ll stay by your side honest and true

Till the end of my time

I`ll be loving you, loving you

For the rest of my life

Thru days and night

I`ll thank Allah for open my eyes

Now and forever I… I`ll be there for you

I know it deep in my heart

I feel so blessed when I think of you

And I ask Allah to bless all we do

You’re my wife and my friend and my strength

And I pray we’re together in Jannah

All I know I found myself

I feel so strong

Yes! Every thing was changed when you came along oh

And there is a couple of words I wanna say


I know deep in my heart

And now that you’re here in front of me

I strongly feel love

I strongly feel love

And I have no doubt

And I sing it loud that I will love you eternally


I know it deep in my heart

 Maher zain bring the new aura and phenomenon in nasyid... the melody and the the lyrics is qiute good and this song actually the story about love from the wife to her beloved husband... which in they are loving each others in HALAL way.. not like the teenages nowadays in the other ways.... I fall in love with this songs for the first time I see it in MELODI braod by TV3 long time ago.... this new phenomena will bring greater follower who listen to the "DAKWAH" by using another approaches....


Thursday, October 14, 2010

!! Last Day - S.E.N.T.A.P !!

early this morning.. we should have a presentation to present a case study by group.... but then, my lecturer.. Puan Ridhawati has come in to class but there are a few students who not come yet to the class.. she hold for this feeling almost a year since she start teach us subject Staffing & Recruitment last sem..

the major problem in my class is time management.. about half of the class always come late to the class especially during her class.. (IR).. she had notice this from the last sem that not even every week the class has full when she had come to class... the more melancholic... she had prepare a delicious brownies but... there is but where she cannot stand when there are still a few students don't enter the class... she give us 5 minutes to call all the members who are late to come to the class..... after 5 minutes, sharp she's out from the class and there is no presentation and no happy ending at the end of the last class IR for us (the lecturer and us..)

Dear Puan Ridha,

we are truly sorry for what have done this morning.. we do not expect that time has come and we'll be end up the class like this... we are love u as much as u love and care about us... u accept us like your sisters and daughters/brothers. we are apologize for what we have done to you for all this time since you are starting teach us last sem.... We all know that all this happen is our fault... we don't notice this kind of attitude drag us to the sad ending.. we just hoping for ur bless and we are really sorry to hurt you like this..... we love u sis.... ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥~~~~ and once more.. thanx for the delicious brownies......... and please accept our apologize...


brownies from beloved sister....

apologize from us... BBHR5A

to our beloved lecturer.....

!! Thanx For Everything !!

!! Raya At Malacca !!

as the day has come.. I count every single minute just to ensure that really my mom wanna come to Malacca??? that the big question mark in my head....lastly my mom come to Malacca and fetch me at my uncle's house.... there are about three cars and one van that convoy from BP to Malacca... all my families are gathered at my uncle's house at Taman Sri Duyong.. near SEMABOK....

after we having lunch together... we all go to MYDIN, Ayer Keroh to go shopping.... My mom and me also excited to buy a lot of things.. I bought the household things such as the food, onions, fries and other stuff..... i was send home by my cousin to the Orchard Square.. for the first time, I an show the right way to go to my house.... actually, i am bad in showing directions....

this is my cousins and me....

me and my sister...

my aunties and uncles.......