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Sunday, November 14, 2010

!! Exam = Settled !!

all I hate about exam is just left behind as today is my last paper for degree... arghh what a beautiful day even though it is raining outside and I just sit here in front of my lappy just to post my feeling...thanx god for all the things happen naturally... during this exam I just can say that I've only read the book, actually more to manual.. coz I don't have a text book.. kuangkuangkuang!!! during the final exam the day before next paper I started read the manual... (gela kentang siot)

I can says that all the exam questions this sem  is quite tough, hard, difficult n need a lot of common sense (coz I don't read the books).. hopefully I can get the best result... flying colors of coz.... there a lot of stories that I wanna share since I've been bz faced the exam... many things happen last month and I will post it later.... I'll be back to my home town on tuesday before Hari Raya Aidiladha.... and my practical session starts next week on 22nd of November.... actually I don;t have a mood on what to share about.. so I just follow my brain of what i'm thinking of... poor me... I don't know what to do... 

almost of 3 weeks during the final exam session... I am just doing my best with sleeping and watching movies..  there's a lot of my leisure time to be leisure on nothing purpose.... not only watching movies and sleeping beauty.... me and my friends also go to karok to free from stress (konon nye la) hang out tak ingt dunia.... then on weekends every day go to Jonker Walk just to buy baby scorpion.. what a beautiful creatures... ouh I really want that creatures..... oh god help me... may this night Ah Jiang (pet shop owner) open his booth at Jonker Walk... I don't care... I need that creature as my pet... kawaiii....